Welcome Q2-2018 Video Production Students!

Please pile your backpacks outside along the wall and find your computer/partner assignments.  Here are the initial partner and computer assignments. One partner should log in, open Chrome, and go to introtovideo.mrcoward.com.

Computer 1: Maylin and Ava
Computer 2: Celia and Audry
Computer 3: Elliot and James
Computer 4: Dylan and Caden
Computer 5: Benjamin and Jacob
Computer 6: Natalie and Torunn
Computer 7: Tomo and Myles
Computer 8: Sam and Kendra
Computer 9: Bryan and Marco
Computer 10: Vidhi and Ross
Computer 11:
Computer 12:
Computer 13:
Computer 14: 

Get logged in, go to the Projects Page and get started.