Welcome Q3-2018 Video Production Students

Please pile your backpacks outside along the wall and find your computer/partner assignments.  Here are the initial partner and computer assignments. One partner should log in, open Chrome, and go to introtovideo.mrcoward.com.

Computer 1: Sophia and Kayla
Computer 2: Zach and Makaio
Computer 3: Maddox and Miles
Computer 4: Annabelle and Karsyn
Computer 5: Donovan and Charlie
Computer 6: Eric and Matthew
Computer 7: Kaimana and Amalie
Computer 8: Noah and Hector and Damien
Computer 9: Lexy and Alexa
Computer 10: Jai and Julian
Computer 11: Joel and Grant
Computer 12: Madely and Verissa
Computer 13: Levi and Quinn

Get logged in, go to the Projects Page and get started.

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